rinciples of the U

concern have deepened mutual understanding and trust," Xi said.China a▓nd France, as two permanent members of the UN Security ▓Counci

N Charter.China an

l and representatives of Eastern and Western civili▓zations, should strengthen strategic communication, shoulder more responsibilities and exercise the

d Thailand also pledged

ir roles as major countries, as the world is undergoing changes rar▓ely seen in a century, Xi said.He pledged to work jointly w

to work together to

i▓th Macron to further advance the China-France comprehensive strategic partnership, looking out on the world,▓ the future and the


  • safeguard the rules-based multilateral trade system, ▓and jointly make economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to al
  • l.The two sides said they are satisfied with the strong, stable and reciprocal relations between China and the Association of Southeast Asian
  • Nations (ASEAN).China and Thailand will make more efforts to maintain the vitality of the Ch▓ina-ASEAN strategic partnership and make the
  • partnership a key pillar of peace, stability, prosperity and s▓ustainable development in the region, the statement said.The two countries also said
  • they support relevant parties▓ to fully and effectively implement the Declaration o▓n the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, cal
  • ling for more practical cooperation in such field as marine environment protection to make the South China Sea a sea of peace, stability and


  • prosperity.As for the ▓Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), bo▓th countries welcomed the conclusion of the text-based nego▓tiations o
  • f the RCEP agreement by relevant parties and pl▓edged to work together to resolve the outstanding iss▓ues so as to sign the agreement in 2020, according
  • to the statement.In his four-day stay in Thailand, the Ch▓inese premier also attended the 22nd China-ASEAN (10+1) leaders' meeting, the 22nd ASEAN-China, Japan and South Korea (10+3) leaders' meeting, and the 1
  • 4th East Asia Summit. Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChinese President Xi Jinping
  • Wednesday held talks with his French?/li>
  • ?counterpart Emmanuel Macron at the Great Hal

l of the People

people, and keep the partnership at the forefront of major-country relations.China-France ties have shown a strong momentum of development, Xi said, addi▓ng that the consensus reached

in Beijing.Xi ho

by him and Macron had ▓been actively

implemented since his successful state visit▓ to France in March.Citing some successful project▓s incl

lds talks with M

uding the No.1 and No. 2 power units of Taishan ▓nuclear power plant, which have provided a success▓ful mo

acron, pledging for

del for the construction of third-generation nuclear power plants around the globe, Xi said the two countries have published the list of the second batch of industrial cooperation projects.The Chinese government has just successfully issued 4 billion euro-denom▓inated sovereign bonds in Paris. The two countries have ▓also completed negotiations on an agreement of geogra▓phical indications between China and Europe.Xi expressed his hope that more tangible cooperation results will be achieved.Stressing the importance of maintaining and enhancing political mutual trust, Xi called on both sides to put their words of respecting each other's sovereignty, territorial integrity, core interests and major concerns into actions.The two countries should fa▓cilitate exchanges between their legislative bodies,▓ political parties and armed forces, and support the centr▓al and local departments in strengthening exchanges, Xi sa▓id, calling for strengthened cooperation on cyberse▓curity and counter-terrorism.The Chinese president called for further cooperation on large-scale projects, saying that China is ready to deepen the entire industrial chain cooperation with France in the nuclear energy▓ field, encourage China's enterprises to explore new cooperation with France not only within the two countries, but▓ also in third-party markets, and strengthen joint research and development on nuclear base and high-t▓ech technologies.Xi said he hoped the new cooperation in▓ aviation, aerospace and other fields could be well i▓mplemented."We should expand the opening up of the two-way markets. China is willing to expand two-way trade and ▓investment with France, improve trade and investmen▓t liberalization, and jointly uphold market rules and the▓ principle of fair competition," Xi said.He said he ho▓ped that France will put into action its words of n▓ot adopting discriminatory policies against China."China is willing to i

lifted China-France ti

ucts and carry out all-round agricultu▓ral cooperation in

es to a higher level," Xi sa

accordance with market demand," Xi said, noting that more efforts should be made to s▓trengthen exchanges and cooper

id.Xi noted that the speeches, delivered respectiv

ation in the intellectual ▓property rights field and support the early conclusion of an ambitious and balanced China-European Union (EU) in▓vestment agreement.Regarding t

ely by him and Macron at the opening ceremony of

he alignment of the Belt an▓d Road Initiative (BRI) with the EU's Euro-Asian co▓nnectivity strategy, Xi called for speedy implementation of the agreed d

the second China International Import Expo on

emonstration projects, and the promotion of more e

Tuesday in Shan▓ghai, sent a strong me

nterprises to participate in the third-par▓ty market, and the green development of the Belt and Road.Xi▓ s

ssage to the world in firmly

aid China and France should intensify cooperation on▓ innovation and achieve sustainable development.

safeguarding multilateralism and free trade, as

Eff▓orts should be made to deepen science and technology coop▓eration, strengthen cooperation in fields including environmental protection and biodiversity conservat▓ion, and expand pragmatic cooperation in new energy vehicles, Internet-c

well as building an open world econom

onnected cars and artificial intelligence."More French enterprises

y."Our frank, in

are welcome to take pa▓rt in the construction of Wuhan Ecological Demons

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